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Ada's Fish House PocketMenus in a clear display

"The most powerful customer retention tool available to restaurant owners today..."

Your customers are 9 times more likely to use your PocketMenus than any other printed piece. 

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PocketMenu of Splash Cafe standing up

What is a PocketMenu?

The PocketMenu is a pocket-sized, folded brochure that combines your business card, pictures of your restaurant, your entire menu, and a detailed map of your location all in a professional piece that can easily be carried around by your customers. The secret is its size. Since all of your restaurant's vital information, as well as your entire menu, is included in this pocket-sized piece ...your customers are 9 times more likely to utilize your PocketMenus than any other printed piece - more than your business cards and magnets!

Who Created the PocketMenu?

PocketMenu was originally created by MenuClub,
the nation's leading restaurant menu design and menu printing company
,  in order to help restaurant operators increase their repeat business. Since the product hit the market over 20 years ago, it has been very well received by restaurants and wineries across the country. Even though thousands of different custom-designed PocketMenus have been created and printed, the size and format has stayed exactly the same as the very first PocketMenu designed. Throughout the years, a few other companies have tried to replicate products similar to PocketMenu under different names. Beware of these knock off brands: Mini Menu, Miniature Menu, Mini Brochure.

PocketMenu is a registered trademark of MenuClub, Inc. To check the authenticity of this product, look for the PocketMenu mark on the back panel of the PocketMenu. If you don't see it, then it's a knock off!



PocketMenus on a bar next to larger trifold brochures

PocketMenus are 9 times more likely to be picked up than the traditional trifold menus. 

Why Should I Use

Regular-sized menus as well as the traditional trifold menus are much more costly, they take up too much counter space, and because they're NOT POCKET-SIZED, they are very difficult to hang on to!


Here are a few other reasons why you should use PocketMenus:



PocketMenus increase your
repeat business


PocketMenus increase your
takeout business


PocketMenus take less counter space to display


PocketMenu updates are free for life


PocketMenus are easier to use by your customers


PocketMenus come with a 30-day money back guarantee

Ready to See What You Get With Your First Order?

What PocketMenu Users Are Saying

The design of my PocketMenu from start to finish took one week. Amazing, simple, and very modern. I am not very computer savvy, however, the proofing system was very simple. The PocketMenu is an integral part of our success and business growth. I would say that within 6 months of utilizing the PocketMenus in our restaurant, we experienced a 20% growth in our repeat business.

Doug McMillan, Executive Chef & Owner
Rosa's Ristorante Italiano
Pismo Beach, California

How Do I Use PocketMenus?

Putting a PocketMenu into a takeout bag

Include a PocketMenu in every takeout bag, including delivery orders.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, takeout and delivery business has increased dramatically. Dropping a PocketMenu in every takeout bag almost guarantees repeat business!

PocketMenu display on a bar, wine being poured in background

Display them next to your register or at your host desk so customers may help themselves to a PocketMenu.

Even if they don't pick one up, displaying your PocketMenu in an upright position around your restaurant, bar, or business puts it in the view of thousands of people.

PocketMenu in a check presenter

Include a PocketMenu in every check presenter.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 4 customers ends up taking the PocketMenu that's placed in their check presenter.

Hotel staff handing PocketMenu to visitor

Distribute your PocketMenus to local or nearby hotels and motels.

We promise you, their staff would love to keep your PocketMenus in their drawer to pass them out as recommendations to their guests.

PocketMenu placed into envelope with gift card

Include a PocketMenu with every gift certificate or gift card.

This will allow the gift certificate or gift card holder know exactly where you're located, what kind of food you offer, and how much food this certificate can purchase!

PocketMenus fanned out on table at catering event

Pass them out during your catering event, wine festival, business fair, and more!

You have a captive audience, so why not take advantage of it?

Placing Your First Order of PocketMenus is Easy

About MenuClub

MenuClub, Inc. is the leader in creating innovative restaurant marketing products and services specializing in digital marketing, restaurant menu printing, custom menu printing, takeout menus, and menu design. MenuClub has coined the terms such as mini menu, minimenu, mini brochure, pocket menu and many others. MenuClub, Inc. has an incontestable trademark on the term PocketMenu®.  

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