Frequently Asked Questions about PocketMenus

What is your refund policy?

  • We’re so confident about the performance of our PocketMenu, that we’re willing to give you a GUARANTEE OFFER that makes your decision to order completely RISK-FREE: Use our PocketMenus for 60 days, and if during that 60 days, your sales don't increase by at least 10%, then return the rest of your PocketMenus and I'll send 100% of your money back with no hassles. So to request your refund money, you need to respond within 60 days of receiving your PocketMenus. After that, you will NOT be eligible for my guarantee offer.

What is Your Privacy Policy?

  • Your privacy is important to us and we want to protect it. We will not share your email address or other personal information with anyone. From time to time, we will send you information regarding your account activity and purchases as well as special offers. You can opt-out of our promotional emails anytime by hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any of our email correspondence.

What is Your Shipping Policy?

  • Our standard shipping is UPS Ground, and It's shipped to ONE destination within the Continental United States.
    Next-Day Air Shipping, as well as Shipping to multiple destinations, are available for an additional fee.

Who designs my PocketMenu layout?

  • We do.

Who creates the map?

  • We do.

Can I design my own PocketMenu layout so you can print it for me?

  • Yes you may. But Why? We design your entire PocketMenu from scratch at no charge, and we'll even update your PocketMenu at no charge on all future reprints.

How long does it take for you to print my PocketMenus?

  • As soon as you finalize the layout of your PocketMenu, depending on what State your restaurant is located in, It takes 7-10 working days for you to receive your order.

How much do I pay on my re-orders?

  • When you're ready to reprint your PocketMenus, we will gladly make any menu or layout changes you may have at no charge to you. We ship UPS ground to any destination within the continental U.S. The reprint fees are:
    $199 for 1,000
    $275 for 2,500
    $375 for 5,000
    $545 for 7,500
    $645 for 10,000
    $1,195 for 20,000

Do you create PocketMenus for businesses other than restaurants?

  • Although the overwhelming majority of our clients are restaurants, we print PocketMenus for Wineries, Hair Salons, Spas, and others.


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