6 simple ways of using PocketMenus® to dramatically increase your sales

  1. Display your PocketMenus® in the restaurant. The most popular locations are on the host counter, on the bar counter, around the waiting area, and in the bathroom. The goal is that the customers will help themselves and take a PocketMenu®. But even if they don't, by displaying your PocketMenus® in an upright position throughout your restaurant, you're promoting your own brand name in front of thousands of people.
  2. Insert a PocketMenu® in every check presenter. This is a great place to offer your PocketMenus® to your customers. Statistics show that 1 out 4 customers end up picking up the PocketMenu® that's placed in their check presenter.
  3. Include a PocketMenu with every gift certificate. This will allow the gift certificate holder to know exactly where you're located, what kind of food you offer, and how much food this certificate can purchase!
  4. Drop a PocketMenu in every takeout bag. This almost guarantees repeat business!
  5. Distribute your PocketMenus to nearby hotels and motels. I promise you, their staff would love to keep your PocketMenus in their drawer to pass them out to their guests.
  6. Pass them out during your catering events. You have a captive audience, why not take advantage of it?


What can I put on my PocketMenu?

Not counting the front and back, there are 6 full panels to work with. So there is plenty of room to include your entire menu and other items such as:

  • Restaurant history
  • Interior/exterior pictures
  • Food shots
  • Chef bio
  • Discount offers
  • Special events

Remember, statistics show that your customers are 9 times more likely to pick up and hold on to your PocketMenus than any other printed piece in your restaurant. So use that to your advantage. Be creative. If you can think of reasons why your customers should revisit your restaurant, whether it's a discount offer, a future event or a simply a favorite dish, highlight that information and you'll see your repeat business go up dramatically.


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