Customer Testimonials

I was very pleased with the original design... which took very little time to produce and print. The PocketMenus definitely increase repeat business. I would calculate that our repeat business is up by at least 20% due to using PocketMenus.

Gregory Colliton
Meridians Cafe
Ventura, CA

My repeat business went up by around 20% as a result of using the PocketMenus...

Sergio Avila
El Ranchito Restaurant
Newport Beach , CA

The design of my PocketMenu from start to finish took one week. Amazing, simple, and very modern. I am not very computer savvy, however, the proofing system was very simple. The PocketMenu is an integral part of our success and business growth. I would say that within 6 months of utilizing the PocketMenus in our restaurant, we experienced a 20% growth in our repeat business.

Doug McMillan
Executive Chef and Owner
Rosa's Italian Ristorante
Pismo Beach, CA

We do a tremendous catering and takeout business...I believe around 60% of our customers that take the PocketMenus from our restaurant use them for future caterings or takeout orders.

Ken Boxer
Palazzio Italian Restaurant
Santa Barbara , CA

...First rate design! Proofing, price changes and menu additions are a breeze with your online proofing system. PocketMenus have not only increased our repeat business,
but have brought in new guests as well.

Victoria Thor
Event Coordinator
I Cugini Ristorante
Santa Monica , CA

I was very impressed with the layout! Our customers are responding very well to our PocketMenus. Many people comment on them and I believe they help bring in a ton of hotel guests.

Holly Glickman
General Manager
San Diego, CA

...Since last August we have gone through 12,500 PocketMenus! We have experienced a 30% increase in our return business. Currently, PocketMenus is our only method of advertising.

Wendy Baumbach
Baumbach's Pit BBQ & Grill
New Paris , OH

...I've only used the PocketMenus for about 3 months and I believe we achieved the result we intended for customer return.

Alonso Vega
Hacienda de Vega
Escondido, CA

I think that the PocketMenus are a great marketing tool, they are small but carry a lot of information. I would say that the product and service has been excellent and that the return is at the top of my ROI for marketing.

Joe Collins
General Manager
Left at Albuquerque
Santa Barbara , CA

We LOVE our PocketMenus. They are a powerful customer retention tool. We use them at all 5 of our locations. Our PocketMenus fly out the door. People really enjoy using them because they are a convenient way to have our menu, hours, location and phone information. One customer picked up 20 PocketMenus. When asked about it, he said he was going to pass them out to his family and friends!

Lisa Buckley
Marketing Director
McLintocks Restaurant Group
Shell Beach , CA

We have used PocketMenus for approximately 3 to 4 years and consider them a very important marketing tool. They are great to hand out at events and to new parties at the restaurant.

Lynne Watson
Office Manager
Olde Ship Pub
Fullerton , CA

We have been very pleased with the design of our PocketMenu. Our guests find them easy to use. We use them in all of our locations. They are a marketing requirement for our franchisees. For any restaurant operator who is looking for an easy to use, cost effective marketing tool, PocketMenu should be on top of their list.

Houston Striggow
Vice President
Rockin' Baja Lobster

I like the product very much. Very simple online proofing system. It only took one week to finalize the layout. We have used the PocketMenus for over 5 years and
consider them an important part of our marketing program.

Chick Marshall
Mr. Stox Restaurant
Anaheim , CA

All of our expectations were exceeded! Great turn around time. PocketMenus have been a great marketing tool to bring new and existing customers to our restaurants.

Clare Davis
Director of Communications
Wolfgang Puck Restaurant Group